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YWA Human Resources: In the Business of Building Lives Economies and Nations

Friday, June 27, 2008

YWA Human Resource Corporation

The Principle:
A creative and dynamic employment firm, caring for its people, its clients and most especially its workers.

The People Behind:

YWA is composed of dynamic staff who are reliable in their areas of responsibilities, efficiently led by exceptional managers, coupled with effective strategic and personalized plans in SOURCING MANPOWER and RENDERING PRE-DEPLOYMENT and POST-DEPLOYMENT SERVICE ultimately satisfying our customers, both clients and workers.

The System:

Our company is equipped with a Database system to maintain and update records of all our manpool and to ensure efficient monitoring of active and inactive workers. The Database system is used to monitor workers from Man pooling to Selection, Updating of necessary documents for Processing, Deployment and Post-Deployment. It includes significant information such as applicants's personal data, detailed job description, employment history, availability and present employment status. The system can also be accessed through our website , for easy access of both our clients and workers.

Contact Us:

1268 General Luna Street Paco, Manila




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