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LGBT Terms and Definition

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Biological Sex
This can be considered one’s “packaging’ and is determined by chromosomes (XX for females; XY for males); hormones (estrogen/progesterone for females, testosterone for males); and internal and external genitalia (vulva, clitoris, vagina for females, penis and testicles for males). About one percent of the population can be defined as intersex—people whose bodies do not conform to standard definitions of male or female. So, in actuality, there are more than two sexes.

Describes the sexual orientation and identity of someone who is emotionally, sexually, and romantically attracted to people of more than one sex. While some people who identify as bisexual may be confused about their sexuality or not ready to accept being gay or lesbian, most bisexual people are clear and comfortable with their identity. Most bisexual people aren’t interested in dating men and women at the same time, and are just as likely as anyone else to form monogamous relationships. Many bisexual people describe themselves as falling in love with people rather than genders, and find their attractions fluid rather than fixed in one place along the sexuality continuum.

Coming Out (of the Closet)
To be “in the closet” means to hide one’s identity. Many LGBT people are “out” in some situations and “closeted” in others. To “come out” is to publicly declare one’s identity, sometimes to one person in conversation, sometimes to a group or in a public setting. Coming Out is a life-long process—in each new situation a person must decide whether or not to come out. Coming out can be difficult for some because reaction vary from complete acceptance and support to disapproval, rejection and violence.

Describes the sexual orientation and identity of someone who is emotionally, sexually, and romantically attracted to other people of the same sex. Gay can be used to refer to people of all sexes and genders; through it is used most commonly to refer to males. Some females choose not to identity as gay.

A socially constructed system of classification that ascribes qualities of masculinity and femininity to people. Gender characteristics can change over time and are different between cultures. Gender is often conflated with sex, but this is inaccurate because sex refers to physical/biological characteristics and gender refers to social and emotional attributes.

Gender Expression
Refers to the ways in which people externally communicate their gender identity to others through behavior, clothing, haircut, voice, and emphasizing, de-emphasizing, or changing their bodies’ characteristics. Typically, transgender people seek to make their gender expression match their gender identity, rather than their birth-assigned sex. Gender expression is not necessarily an indication of sexual orientation.

Gender Identity
One’s innermost concept of self as “male” or “female”—how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. Individuals are conscious of this between the ages 18 months and 3 years. Most people develop a gender identity that matches their biological sex. For some, however, their gender identity is different from their biological sex. These people are sometimes called transsexuals, some of whom hormonally and/or surgically change their sex to more fully match their gender identity.

Gender Role
This is the set of roles and behaviors assigned to females and males by society. Our culture recognizes two basic gender roles: Masculine (having the qualities attributed to males) and feminine (having the qualities attributed to females). People who step out of their socially assigned gender roles are sometimes referred to as transgender.

The societal assumption that heterosexuality is universal and/or superior. Heterosexism does not imply the same fear and hatred as homophobia. It can describe seemingly innocent statements, such as “She’d drive any man wild” based on the assumption that heterosexuality is the norm.

Refers to an individual’s fear or hatred of homosexuality, especially in others, but also in oneself (internalized homophobia). While heterosexism is best thought of at a societal or institutional level (and can therefore be changed through social action), homophobia describes an individual’s psychological fear or hatred of homosexuals.

About 1% of children are born with chromosomes, hormones, genitalia and/or other sex characteristics that are not exclusively male or female as defined by the medical establishment in our society. In most cases, these children are at no medical risk, but most are assigned a sex (male or female) by their doctors and/or families and may undergo cosmetic surgery on their sex organs so that they fit society’s idea of “normal.” These procedures sometimes damage the child’s reproductive organs and can emotionally scar them by forcing on them a gender and/or sex role that may not feel natural.

Describes the sexual orientation and identity of a female who is emotionally, sexually, and romantically attracted to other females.

Historically a negative term used against people perceived to be LGBT, “queer” has more recently been reclaimed by some people as a positive term describing all those who do not conform to rigid notions of gender and sexuality. Queer is often used in apolitical context and in academic settings to challenge traditional ideas about identity (“queer theory”).

Refers to people who are uncertain as to their sexual orientation or gender identity. They are often seeking information and support during this stage of their identity development.

Sexual Identity
Sexual identity labels include “lesbian,” “gay,” “bisexual,” “bi,” “queer,” “questioning,” “heterosexual,” “straight,” and others. Sexual identity evolves through a development process that varies depending on the individual. Sexual behavior and identity (self-definition) can be chosen. Though some people claim their sexual orientation is also a choice, for other this does not seem to be the case.

Sexual Orientation
This is determined by one’s sexual and emotional attractions. Categories of sexual orientation include homosexuals—gay, lesbian—attracted to some members of the same sex; bisexuals, attracted to some members of more than one sex, and heterosexuals, attracted to some members of another sex. Orientation is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics and hormones, as well as unknown environmental factors. Though the origins of sexuality are not completely understood, it is generally believed to be established before the age of five.

Straight Ally
Any non-LGBT person who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBT people.

Refers to those whose gender expression or identity transgresses socially assigned gender roles or expectation, or who do not identify as either of the two sexes as currently defined. Transgender is a broad term that includes transsexuals, cross-dressers, drag queens/kings, transgender butch, and a variety of other identities. When referring to transgender people, use they pronoun the have designated as appropriate, or the one that is consistent with their presentation of themselves. If an individual’s gender expression is ambiguous, try to use gender-neutral language or ask that person how she or he prefers to be addressed.

Individuals who do not identify with their birth-assigned genders and sometimes alter their bodies surgically and/or hormonally. The transition (formerly called “sex change”) is a complicated, multi-step process that may take years and may include, but is not limited to, sex reassignment surgery.

Fear or hatred of transgender people; transphobia is manifested in a number of ways, including violence, harassment, and discrimination.

Bisexuality: Definition

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which refers to the romantic and/or sexual attraction of individuals to others of both genders (socially) or sexes (biologically). Bisexuals are not necessarily equally attracted to men and women and may even shift between states of finding either gender or sex exclusively attractive over the course of time. However, some bisexuals are and remain fairly static in their level of attraction throughout their adult life.

Bisexual people are not necessarily attracted equally to both sexes. Because bisexuality is often an ambiguous position between homosexuality and heterosexuality, those who identify, or are identified, as bisexuals form a heterogeneous group.



Monday, May 19, 2008

Newton Reunion

The Reunion. Last Saturday, May 17, 2008, my fourth year classmates held a mini-reunion at SM Mall of Asia. It feels nice to see all of them after a long time. I wasn't so sure to attend this gathering since I have a meeting with Ang Ladlad LGBT Party regarding the recently occuring raids.

Going There. I thought all of them were already there so I took the taxi ride to MOA. To my surprise, we were to wait for some more people to come because they are still at work. Can you imagine that... Before we were just a bunch of students and now we are a group of yuppies. Time runs so fast. Before you know it, we'll be talking about our grandchildren (if I would have one, hehehe).
Word of the Day. "BECKY MILLER". this is a term coined that night to indirectly say "BAKLA (gay)"
Use in a Sentence: Kasama ni *toot* yung mga friends nyang mga Becky Miller. Gets?
Topics Discussed. Everyone who did not attend the reunion were rumored to be pregnant, or already gave birth, including LEVI (one of the boys, hehehehe). Also, hmmm. Should I say that we made fun of the Gay Language we used that night like "Boogie Wonderland", "Thunders", and the ever famous "Becky Miller'.
Ride to Malate. We paid Php. 250.00 just for us to have a shuttle ride together going to Malate after having our Dinner at Max's Restaurant at Mall of Asia. When we got there... I had to leave them behind to meet my friends at SM Manila and play computer games.
pictures courtesy of

Why African Women Run So Fast...

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Run Girls.. RUN!!!

On Promiscuity

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Found this pic on one of the profile in


ANG LADLAD is a national organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Filipinos. Our members are either LGBT organizations or individuals, or their heterosexual supporters.

In Filipino, "magladlad" means to unfurl the cape that used to cover one's body as a shield. It means to come out of the closet, to assert one's human rights as equal to that of the next Filipino. Thus, it means to take one's place in the sun, with dignity intact. ANG LADLAD might run for party-list elections for Congress in the May 2010 elections. Thus, it is bound to to make history. It will be the first political party composed of LGBT Filipinos that will claim -- and reclaim -- the rights we have lost from centuries of homophobia and discrimination.

Our platforms follow:
1. Support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill that gives LGBT Filipinos equal rights and opportunities in employment and equal treatment in schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and government offices. The bill makes discrimination versus LGBTs a criminal act.
2. Support for LGBT-related and LGBT-friendly businesses.
3. Setting up of micro-finance and livelihood projects for poor and physically-challenged LGBT Filipinos;
4. Setting up of centers for old and abandoned LGBTs. The centers will also offer legal aid and counseling, as well as information about LGBT issues, HIV-AIDS, and reproductive health. These centers will be set up in key cities of the country.
5. Support for the the bill repealing the Anti-Vagrancy Law that some unscrupulous policemen use to extort bribes from gay men;
The platforms of ANG LADLAD are like laser beams -clear and focused only in one direction. We aim to restore our pride and dignity as LGBT Filipinos as well as give ourselves a chance to lead kinder and gentler lives.
The only way to shape history is to make it.Be part of history. Join ANG LADLAD
Try visiting our Website:
or join the Yahoogroups found in the image above...

Halohalo: Pancit ng Taga Malabon

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I had a dinner with my office mate Ruth at Pancit ng Taga Malabon. She ordered one plate of Pancit Malabon and a Pineapple Juice. I can't resist it so I bought my favorite Halohalo. I knew it was a cold night but I craved for it.
Everytime I eat Halohalo, I always see to it that I savor every scoop. Mmm... Ruth couldn't wait so I had to ask for the crew to pack my halohalo for a take out.

Price: Php. 60.00
Halohalo Rating: 8
Remarks: In comparison with the taste, it's justifiable.. I could have eaten it in a very hot day to enjoy it more. /gg
+Pancit ng Taga Malabon is located in UN Avenue, Ermita Manila, near the casino. Perhaps there are other branches. You should try theit other dishes like the chicharon.

An Angel's Silence

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's weird that in this point of time, I could not express how I truly feel. Before, when I want to cry, I will let my tears flow even if there are a lot of people around me. If I want to speak what is on my mind, I'll tell anyone tactlessly as if my mouth has endless words to utter.

My pain... my struggles... I am keeping them to myself. I don't want others to be involved. I don't want them to feel the burdens that the world is putting in me. No wonder why I have a lot of white hairs. It may be genetically passed by my parents unto me, but the stress I feel everyday makes it prominent.

I always thought that I can do things on my own. The fact is, I can't. I've always been getting my strength from the people that are dear to me. And if those people are the reasons for my missery, I would be in hell. The only reason for my existence is yet to be found. And if my future is perceived to be in nothingness since I can have no acceptance in this world... i would gladly welcome his scythe and put me to eternal rest.

Tired... At this young age...

Now, the only people that puts my smile and fill me with glee are my friends, and the person I love the most. Though at times I kept on asking myself, "are they being true to me?" Crazy, but this paranioa is killing me slowly.

I choose to keep my vain in silence. And if the right time comes... I'll let it explode.

Remembering Inday

Monday, May 12, 2008

Remember the Inday Phenomenon?
This is very hilarious, almost everyone is talking about Inday.
I even created one of my own..
Here's a list of the nose bleeding Inday Jokes that are being circulated to the public.

Its not that i dnt lyk u. Its jst that i feel we r stil 2
young 2 entertain thoughts of fornication in the
domicile of our employrs. Infact, its vry immature
2 insuate that i dnt reciprocate ur emotions jst bcOz
i decline 2 perform anact of coitus w/ u.”
-Inday, nireeject c dodong na makipagsex
Sa resto:
Waiter: Ano po order nila,maam?
Amo: Ung fried chicken meal na lang. Ikaw inday, ano sayo?
Inday: I would like topartake of a dish of sauteed pork andchicken,boiled in thick essence ofsoy and cane extracts,with copious amounts of garlic,onion and laurel, sprinkledgenerously with fine spicesand served with a generoushelping of root crop and ahelping of rice.
Amo: Iho, pa-order daw ngchicken-pork adobo w/rice;-)
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:I wud lyk 2 nform d
gneral public dat I am stil ALIVE &KICKING.Contrary to the text messages that has been
circulated lately. I havealready seek legal advice
regarding this rumor and my lawyers are already
preparing legal actions forthe perpetrator.There willbe a bicameral investigationin aid of
legislationregarding this matter.
(taray talaga ni inday dilang ilong ang duduguin sayo)
Inday is alive she’s not yetdead.
SOCO found out that,the impostora of Inday was killed.
Ederlyn was the master mind.
SOCO:bkt mO pnpatay siInday?

Ederlyn:kaSi inagaw nyasakin c dOdong!
Inday: mythemaniac! He wasnever urs..
Ederlyn:dOng, mahal kta..dba mahal mO rin aq?
Dodong: I never… said that ilove yOu!! ΓΌ

AMO: Inday, anong gamit mong sabon?Ang kinis ngkutis mo! Papaya?Calamansi?
Inday: No, Ma’am!Only Belo touches my skin,who touches yours?(–,)

Love Art

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Love is like an artwork. It starts with a simple imagination that blooms into a masterpiece. How magnificently it was made and the longer it lasts determines whether it is priceless or just a mere crap. In comparison with producing a fine art, the process involves not just applying logic in determining proper symmetry and combinations; it also employs the affections and other emotional variables felt by the artist upon crafting a genuine work of art. If you exert passion in furnishing whatever you are achieving, whether in art or in a relationship, you will encompass a rewarding accomplishment.


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