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Friday, February 25, 2011

(This article was inspired from a conversation with a friend who was asking me to write about how to believe in the "Law of Attraction" but at the same time retain her faith in God.)

If you want to achieve change, the first step that you need to do is shift a frame of mindset.
People would dwell on what they cannot do and so they are restricted to what they are able to do and not what they can accomplish beyond their capabilities since you are tied to the said limitations.

Human beings are bound to certain abilities. They are not GOD. But the power of the mind is so strong that it can make you reach your goals
and dreams to come true. I once encountered
this certain philosophy on the "Law of Attraction" from the book "The Secret". This Philosophy is so empowering that it will make you think that you can really be what you want and get what you wish.

However, as a Christian, and a believer in a supreme being called "GOD", I can't accept some facts that are presented in the said theory. You are required to think that "YOU ARE GOD". I am not God. So I decided to modify some stuff in the "Law of Attraction", but still, getting the benefits of "The Secret" and enjoying a Christian life and not turning into Atheism (although actually you will not become an atheist since you still believe that there is a GOD which is yourself).

The said Philosophy would use the levels of an organism which is what I, as a Biology teacher, am teaching in the class. The human body is composed of organ systems, the organ systems made up of organs, organs came from the formations of different tissues, the tissues from cells, cell is a composition of different organic molecules (which is already from Chemistry), and molecules from atoms, and atoms , as the tiniest particle, from energy (going to Physics). In Phy
sics, we have this Theory of Conservation of Energy which states that "energy is neither created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one form to another" therefore, ENERGY is INFINITE. This is where Humans as a God will come in. Since energy is infinity, and humans are composed of energy, humans are infinite beings therefore, equating to a human as a God. I hope I explained it well enough. BUT, I would despise this theory as a Christian, and would think that we are not God, and as the bible said, we are created from the image of God. We really were intended for perfection until the idea of EVIL came in and SIN was introduced to humans. We shall stick to the "humans made from the image of God" idea and not "humans are Gods". So as humans, we would try to be more "God-like" buy living life as taught by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Other issues to be discussed about the "Law of Attraction" is that you believe in the Universe which will give you what you wish if you continue expressing the positive emotions that emits positive energies and will be sent out to the Universe and then the universe will give you the same positive energy that you gave it, hence, granting your wish if you constantly believe in what you want, express the same positive emotion as when you already got your wish, and of course, avoiding negative emotions that will become negative energies and will be a hindrance to getting what you want. A good example would be acting as if you are driving your dream car and being happy that you already got it (even if you are still dreaming that you will get it one day). On a Christian point of view, I can say that, the UNIVERSE being described is actually GOD. The same method would be used in Prayers and having this strong faith in HIM. Then, if you continuously pray to God about a certain thing that you want, he would certainly grant what you pray to him.

The Law of Attraction also discusses that you will not get what you wish in an instant. I forgot the right term but it's something about the rule on time delay. And as a Christian, I can refer to it as "in GOD's time". He would answer your prayers not in an instant and the moment you want it, but in God's time, he will. Hope. Pray. Believe. Some prayers may not be answered, this is because, God is planning something better for you.

"The Secret" also teaches us to be gratified and enjoy all the things that you currently have. This will enable you to send out as many positive energies to the universe and you will live a better life full of happiness. In our prayers, we are taught to say the lines thanking GOD for everything that he has given us first and not BEG for what we want from the beginning of our prayers. This is a sign of gratitude for the things that he has given us. The mere fact that you can say the prayer and you are alive to pray to God, you should already be thankful, what more about the things that you are living with aside from the gift of life?

But, if you will ask me what will work better? The Law of Attraction or the Prayer? I am not to say what to believe because as individuals we have our free will. And as a Christian, God gave you that free will and you will have to use it wisely. However, as for me, prayer is very powerful. You don't have to go to church just to pray, no matter where you are, God will listen to you. You just need to show how eager you are and how faithful you are to HIM. The same principles used in "the secret", it's just that, it's an all Christian manner of faith.

After all this discussion, I would like to talk about a famous Filipino saying "Nasa Diyos ang Awa, nasa tao ang gawa". So no matter how hard you pray, or in Law of Attraction, how badly you think of all this positive emotions just to get what you want, as an individual, you have to ask yourself, what am I doing to get what I wish for? And if you will not get you want, you will turn to God and say that he doesn't exist at all? Or question his ability since he can't grant what you have been praying to him even if you walked with your knees from the entrance of the church to the altar? Or quit praying forever because your loved one died and you have been praying the rosary all day just to spare his/her life? Oh come on!

Try to reflect.



Don't blame God. It is still you and you alone. God might be offering something better but you did not listen. God might be asking you to accept and be gratified with what you have but you still seek things that you don't have. God loves you so much that he gave his only begotten son for you, for your salvation, and that is THE SECRET: an eternal life for you.


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