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Monday, December 29, 2008

It's been so long since I posted in my blog but I suppose it's not too late for me to show how I feel about the Manila Pride March 2008. Ane before ending the year 2008, I need to express my points whether many people will get mad at me.

It was colorful and joyful event. I was wearing my national costume and my organization won the "Best Float Award". At the back of our float was a statement: "WE EXALT YOU JESUS", confirming our love for GOD and that we believe and have faith in him despite our imperfections.

With us are discriminators using the bible as their weapon.

Try watching the video:

Preacher: Cause we believe that God has a design. God made up Adam and Eve. He did. He solved it.... So he created a woman. He didnt create another man.... So it's God's design. Now again Im emphasizing, A Homosexual, we believe it's sin.
Yffar: Literal meanings of the bible??? Not thinking of the "sitz im leben". yes, it was God's design to create Adam and Eve in the begining. They were straight, but not all of their children. Isn't King David, the greatest king in Bible History Bisexual???

Girl 1: Diba ang nilikha ng Diyos ay babae and lalaki.Tapos, Yung mga bakla, lalaki talaga sila. Nagrerebelde sila sa Diyos at nagsisinungaling sila. Pinagkalooban sila na maging lalaki pero gusto nilang maging babae. Ang ibig sabihin, yun na, nagrerebelde sila. At nagsisinungaling sila sa lahat ng taong nandito na babae sila pero ang katotohanan na lalaki sila. kasi di ba yun choices nila na maging ganun pero yung sinasabi nila na free will pero yung ginagawa na yun ay kasalanan sa Diyos may limitation yung mga freewill na nararanasan ng tao.
Yffar: Who set the limitation of freewill? It is man himself. You. have you done your study or taken any basic Psychology on homosexuality? To say that all gays wants to be women? Well im gay and i wanted to stay as a man and not to be a girl. Isa pa, we are not rebels, if we are againts God, why are we doing good deeds to our fellow men...

Girl 2: Magkaroon po kami ng bunga po na mareach out ung iba sa kanila na nagnanais talagang magbago. Kasi talaga hindi kami naniniwala na wala sa kanila na gusto talagang magbago eh. para ring nga gusto talagang mareachout talaga kung anong meron sa kanila ngayon.
Yffar: Unfortunately, you were not able to get people from us who wanted to change. Because that is what Gay Pride is all about! We are free to be what we want to be.

Foreigner (as i heard it) : We have beautiful women in Philippines, why do men marry men. Do not support this evil act. Is a taboo. Is abomination (?). Is it bawa (?) Do not support this evil act. A man should live with a father and a mother, married to a woman, not to a???? Man! Because if you do that, you are destroying the generation. because life will not come in to existence. I dont see the reason why we have beautiful ladies in Philippines, and our men are marrying each other. And we are celebrating this ceremony..
Yffar: yes, we are happy that we have beautiful women in our country. but it does not equate to man marrying men?! it is called LOVE! The freedom to choose who we want to live with for the rest of ourlives. and please do not use the word "WE", you're not a filipino and say that it behalf of the majority of this country's population.

Some Posters:
"God Hates Sin"
"It's not ok to be gay, it's sin"
"Kinapopootan ng Diyos ang lahat ng mga gumagawa ng kasamaan"
"Turn or Burn"
"Malagim ang kasasapitan ng mga taksil at mapakiapid tuloy papunta sa Impyerno"

Yffar: God also taught you guys that who ever does not have any sin, he can casts the first stone. Oh God, you are not following Jesus' instructions!
Other Hate Vids:

To all:

Why cant we digest the idea that being homosexual is normal and let us live a normal life. If we are truly accepted, we wont be lobbying for any anti-discrimination bill, march every december, nor me posting this kind of message in this website!

Many homosexuals died and were murdered because the gay killers claim that it is written in the bible to punish homosexuals for it is abomination. Did God teach us to kill our fellow men just because it is written in the so-called sacred scripture!

GAY PRIDE is not one of the 7 Deadly Sin and is not even the opposite of the christian value humility. It is a celebration of Diversity of what God made us and despite of unacceptance, we are still going to fight for what we think is right in this conservative and blind confirmist society...


I am Yffar, I am Gay. Live with it!

I love you all...


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