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Remembering Inday

Monday, May 12, 2008

Remember the Inday Phenomenon?
This is very hilarious, almost everyone is talking about Inday.
I even created one of my own..
Here's a list of the nose bleeding Inday Jokes that are being circulated to the public.

Its not that i dnt lyk u. Its jst that i feel we r stil 2
young 2 entertain thoughts of fornication in the
domicile of our employrs. Infact, its vry immature
2 insuate that i dnt reciprocate ur emotions jst bcOz
i decline 2 perform anact of coitus w/ u.”
-Inday, nireeject c dodong na makipagsex
Sa resto:
Waiter: Ano po order nila,maam?
Amo: Ung fried chicken meal na lang. Ikaw inday, ano sayo?
Inday: I would like topartake of a dish of sauteed pork andchicken,boiled in thick essence ofsoy and cane extracts,with copious amounts of garlic,onion and laurel, sprinkledgenerously with fine spicesand served with a generoushelping of root crop and ahelping of rice.
Amo: Iho, pa-order daw ngchicken-pork adobo w/rice;-)
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:I wud lyk 2 nform d
gneral public dat I am stil ALIVE &KICKING.Contrary to the text messages that has been
circulated lately. I havealready seek legal advice
regarding this rumor and my lawyers are already
preparing legal actions forthe perpetrator.There willbe a bicameral investigationin aid of
legislationregarding this matter.
(taray talaga ni inday dilang ilong ang duduguin sayo)
Inday is alive she’s not yetdead.
SOCO found out that,the impostora of Inday was killed.
Ederlyn was the master mind.
SOCO:bkt mO pnpatay siInday?

Ederlyn:kaSi inagaw nyasakin c dOdong!
Inday: mythemaniac! He wasnever urs..
Ederlyn:dOng, mahal kta..dba mahal mO rin aq?
Dodong: I never… said that ilove yOu!! ΓΌ

AMO: Inday, anong gamit mong sabon?Ang kinis ngkutis mo! Papaya?Calamansi?
Inday: No, Ma’am!Only Belo touches my skin,who touches yours?(–,)



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