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Sunday, May 18, 2008

ANG LADLAD is a national organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Filipinos. Our members are either LGBT organizations or individuals, or their heterosexual supporters.

In Filipino, "magladlad" means to unfurl the cape that used to cover one's body as a shield. It means to come out of the closet, to assert one's human rights as equal to that of the next Filipino. Thus, it means to take one's place in the sun, with dignity intact. ANG LADLAD might run for party-list elections for Congress in the May 2010 elections. Thus, it is bound to to make history. It will be the first political party composed of LGBT Filipinos that will claim -- and reclaim -- the rights we have lost from centuries of homophobia and discrimination.

Our platforms follow:
1. Support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill that gives LGBT Filipinos equal rights and opportunities in employment and equal treatment in schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and government offices. The bill makes discrimination versus LGBTs a criminal act.
2. Support for LGBT-related and LGBT-friendly businesses.
3. Setting up of micro-finance and livelihood projects for poor and physically-challenged LGBT Filipinos;
4. Setting up of centers for old and abandoned LGBTs. The centers will also offer legal aid and counseling, as well as information about LGBT issues, HIV-AIDS, and reproductive health. These centers will be set up in key cities of the country.
5. Support for the the bill repealing the Anti-Vagrancy Law that some unscrupulous policemen use to extort bribes from gay men;
The platforms of ANG LADLAD are like laser beams -clear and focused only in one direction. We aim to restore our pride and dignity as LGBT Filipinos as well as give ourselves a chance to lead kinder and gentler lives.
The only way to shape history is to make it.Be part of history. Join ANG LADLAD
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