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Laws Against Homosexuality in Africa

Friday, June 27, 2008

African Countries with Laws against Homosexuality
And Corresponding Punishments

Algeria (Fine + Imprisonment)
Angola (Labor Camps)
Benin (Imprisonment)
Botswana (Fine + Imprisonment)
Cameroon (Fine + Imprisonment)
Comoros (Fine + Imprisonment)
Djibouti (Imprisonment)
Eritrea (Imprisonment)
Ethiopia (Imprisonment)
Gambia (Fine + Imprisonment)
Guinea (Imprisonment)
Guinea Bissau (Labor Camps)
Kenya *males only (Fine + Imprisonment)
Lesotho *males only
Liberia (Fine)
Libya (Fine + Imprisonment)
Malawi (Imprisonment)
Mauritania (DEATH)
Morocco (Imprisonment)
Mozambique (Labor Camps)
Nigeria (Imprisonment & DEATH)
Sao Tome & Principe (Labor Camps)
Senegal (Imprisonment)
Seychelles (Fine + Imprisonment)
Sierra Leone (Life Imprisonment)
Somalia (DEATH)
Sudan (Imprisonment & DEATH)
Swaziland *male only (Fine + Imprisonment)
Tanzania (30 years to Life Imprisonment)
Togo (Fine + Imprisonment)
Uganda *male only (Fine + Life Imprisonment)
Zambia *male only (Fine + Imprisonment)
Zimbabwe *male only (Fine + Imprisonment)



Wilberchie said...

remind me after graduation to create an atomic bomb to destroy africa. Para matigil na rin ang world hunger na sa kanila nakafocus!

Yffar Aquino said...

hindi lang sa africa mare..
ipopost ko yung ibang continents na may laws againts homosexuality


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