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My 2009 Horoscope and Personal Blahs

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last week, before ending the year, I talked with a friend of mine whose view is quite different. He's the type of gay who wouldn't engage in rallies againts discrimination. His statements are somewhat discouraging me to stop what I am doing because I dont have a future in it since this country is not ready to face the reality that we do exist. Although he's accepting the fact that we are JUST TOLERATED and he is contented with that kind of idea and wouldn't care more if we will be accepted or not. The hell he cares if he is not properly treated as long as he is not stepping on other people's lives and is doing all the best to be respected. Well, my only reply was I am happy fighting for equality. I may be able to find my place in this society but how about those who can't since they are being discriminated againts. This is not just for myself but for all the LGBT people out there who can't get out of their closets or those who are maltreated because of their gender identity.

At first I was wondering if I will listen to him or not because he's making sense. It made me think if I can live a normal gay life, not having the burdens that I am carrying now. Thinking of stands on statements just like what the pope said that saving humanity from homosexuality is as important as saving the rainforest. Whoah! Isn't he suppose to unite the world and not cause havoc by giving irresponsible speaches? I am not into issues like Cha-Cha but if it will have an impact to the gay community, you'll see march on the streets shouting at the top of my throat. Going back, I decided to remain the way I am. An activist. Even if my mother is asking me for a grandchild but I have no intention of giving her one because of a three word statement:




Live with it mom! Hehehe. I would like to thank her because my outfit were her tights and body fit long sleeves, the malong was mine. I can still remember her reaction when I wore my costume in the Pride March. She can't look at me straight in the eyes. At that very moment, I still felt that she has not yet totally accepted me for what I am. Although it seems like she's comfortable calling me Juday, or Judy Anne, her other term for JUDING.


Right now, I just went home from a meeting about my organization GABAY. It was an exhausting discussion of several plans and targets for the year 2009 but I believe it's all worth it since my core members are willing to help in order to achieve our goals for this year. What added to my excitement is the idea that there are new people who went earlier who are interested in joining us as an affiliate organization in our team. We welcomed them wholeheartedly as they promised to participate in our events that are beneficial to this country's young LGBTs.

I opened my computer, was about to log in to and before going to that site, I was able to read my horoscope for the Year 2009 (courtesy of


The Aquarian energy of 2009 encourages you to weave new dreams into peoples' lives, and to help them feel at home in the world. Success grows as exemplify your visions, attracting people who appreciate your compassion to raise their consciousness to a new level. In your service to help others realize deeper realities, you become more aware and sensitive to your own connection to the powers that be.

Your profound ability to explore transformation and share wisdom with large communities helps you find a welcome place in society. The love you discover through your own transformation will bring abundant manifestations for others. As you help people heal their consciousness, they can more easily find sanctuary from harsh realities. Your sensitivity to their needs reaches into the deepest realms of a their psyche.

For those who wish also to support change in the world, emotional affinity comes easily between you and your peers. From time-to-time this year, step back and reflect on the deeper purpose of your life's work. Be sure to make decisions that match your own objectives, values and goals, and don't allow yourself to be swayed by others desires. Maintain your individuality. Getting in touch with your dreams will help you know which direction is best to take in your effort to expand your beliefs and be of service in a much larger way.

At the first glimpse of my horoscope for this year, I was surprised to see these words. I was motivated to excel more on what I am doing right now which is my advocacy on gay rights and helping younger LGBT people reach their full potential despite being discriminated in this society. Do I have to believe this? My answer is simple, it is man who creates his own destiny, and since this prediction is quite challenging, I will make sure it will happen...

May this be a good head start for 2009 and hopefully, me and my team can change the society in our own little ways for the future generation of the beckies alike.

Did I make sense?

Whatever... hahahaha.
May mali ba sa grammar, walang pakialamanan, blog ko toh, Ahihihihi.


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