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Green Dream: Be The CHANGE

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Now more than ever, it's time for us to act..."

This is an advocacy video regarding Global Warming and Climate Change created by DLSU's LEADORG K31 Students. It emphasizes on doing small things that will result to big change and is beneficial to the environment and for the entire planet.

"Change starts with You"

You can make a difference!


Herbs D. said...

the "its too hard" guy's face is just so irritating hahaha. i'm THIS close ripping his sarcastic mask of his face already.

lines are good, but the acting is just stale-some of the facial expressions don't even jive with what they're saying.

could've made something better. the message is good; you don't need to be SOMEONE to do some change.

Yffar (^^,) said...

cute naman

pero all in all ok sya

Anonymous said...

lack of style..

sakit sa mata nung parating nagsu-zoom yung camera..

the message is good.. kulang lang ng impact. Ü

line of flight said...

now, in technical terms, the sort of composition they were aiming for only works if you actually edit the material -- as opposed to using the start and stop button on the camera.

its a good message. that being said, the real message for the environment is that the Global North is going to have to give up its addiction to so much energy and its wasteful way of life. i have these two old 80 something year old titas who have one light bulb and only recently got a running tap -- they used a well their whole lives. They recycled and reused things until they simply wore out -- then they would become part of the house or garden or something still! They have a very very small carbon footprint.

line of flight said...

okay, i have to admit i am too quick to blame the Global North for everything! The PhilStar reported today that Manila produces 6000 tons of garbage everyday and 2000 tons of it are not properly disposed of (whatever "proper" means).

"Villar said nearly 45 percent of waste generated by households was organic but due to the lack of composting facilities, these could not be processed into useful products such as organic fertilizers."

People leave the province and with it their common sense!

Luis Batchoy said...

its a college project? Well sige na nga...

Now show me some lovin and vote for me as RBP's Blog of the week for week 7. Kampanya na toh!

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