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An Assault and Insult To My Ethnicity

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I came accross with this e-mail in one of my e-group which I find very insulting to the Kapampangans like me. The message goes something like this:
Common Signs Nga Mga Kapampangan (Except yung Konting Matitino)
Wed Mar 4, 2009 5:36 pm

1. Nangunguna sa kalaswaan
2. Nagunguna sa nakawan (pati susi papaduplicate), maski brief ipapanakaw or
3. Nagunguna sa bentahan droga
4. Nangunguna sa mga pampatulog at set ups
5. Baligtad underwear pag may operations.
6. Walang nagpapakita ng sinampay kasi puro nakaw damit
7. Nakatingin sa kisame pag umiihi
8. Closed mga bahay
9. Walang lumalabas
10. Me singsing sa huling paa
11. Mahilig sa mga tattoo sa me paanan.
12. Grupo kung lumakad
14. Nagpapali-palit mga rooms.
15. Marumi ang kalat pinagkainan
16. Hindi patas kung lumaban
17. Magaling sa sabwatan
18. Puro kins lang tatanggap
19. Mga tamad magtrabaho
20. Parating late
21. Puro hon at hon-deal system di pwede ng hard work.
22. Walang goal sa buhay, puro sex lang kaya napapag-iwanan. Ayan nangyari ke
Pimentel, binalot lang publicity pero tanga pa rin hangang ngayon.

Even if you guys have disputes against Koko Pimentel and to whatever he did, never generalize our ethnic group with all of those negative traits that you mentioned above. Try reviewing the title of the message, it has the phrase "Except yung konting matitino". And what does that connote? There are only a handful of good Kapampangans and majority are criminals, perverts, back fighters, thieves, etc.? This is very discriminating and an unjust way of describing us, the Kapampangans. Social labeling sucks. And what's next? Commit genocide upon us?

You don't have the rights to ruin the dignity of one group just because of the mistakes done by a few people. No one does. The evil encompassed by the specific person is not the evil of the whole group where he belongs. This is damaging OUR, in reference to the Kapampangans, institution, and culture.

Despite the fact that we have geographical distance and different dialects spoken, we must not forget that we are all Filipinos and are living in one country as one nation. This is one of the reason why our country is not developing and can not push the progress that we are dreaming of. My friends, there is a cold war within our very own system and leads to hatred and prejudice from one ethnic group, to another.

I am gay and I am a PROUD KAPAMPANGAN!

Mayap a aldo kekayu ngan!


cant_u_read said...

wow! that was stupidity at its peak. that's the dumbest list to ever exist in the blogosphere.

Yffar (^^,) said...


nung nabasa ko yan inis na inis ako

Dawn said...


My name is maui and I stumbled across your blog at luis batchoy's list.. and yeah, I just wanted to say that whoever wrote this list gave new meaning to the word "STUPID"..

did you notice that some of entries of his list are redundant???

di talaga kayang itago ang katangahan, kahit magkunwaring desente-- umaalingasaw pa rin ang kabobohan..

yun lang po. tenk you :)

prinsesamusang said...

kahit naman siguro against anong lahi offensive ito.

Elyong said...

Siguro galit lang ito sa isang tao na taga kapampangan... halata naman na parang isang tao lang ang tinutukoy nyan...

Anonymous said...

taksyapo.. nanung ya??


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